Doodle Pad

Song Quotes:

"somebody tell my head to try tell my heart that im better off without you,"

"i cried never gonna hold the hand of another guy 2 young but then they told her waitin for the love of a traveling soldier, our love will never end waitin for my soldier to come back again never born to be alone and the letter said a soldiers comming home,"

"you always said the day you'd leave me would be a cold day in july, here comes that cold day in july,"

"It aint nothin but a heart break town,"

Random Quotes:

"It will be as if i never existed,"

"If i had to choose between loving you and breathing i would use my last breath to say i love you,"

"Im so sick of trying, tired of crying, yeah im smiling, but on the inside im dying,"

"Sometimes you gotta push through the tears fake a smile, shut up, and walk away,"

"Im the one who wrote i love you in the boys bathroom- I'll do anything for you,"

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