Happy day..

hello mother, and Leslie. My favorite/only,viewers! I'm very excited that Leslie's joining us,I would like a pet snake, thats for mother,

Okay, question of the day.....Whats twice in "one milloin" never in "a year" and once in "a thousand "

New song wrote by me:

well i want to be a singer so heres a song called realize


You can just run around like you own the place. You dont really care what people say ya and i realize that your a jerk  i realize that  you dont wanna stay i no that your a big shot i am just a girl in a small world.. your just to big to bad for me no no baby, dont think, just think that i liked you that much you no what just dont think at all! not like you had a brain ya babe

Think back..to a couple years ago … i was no bodies home.. then you stepped in my life and now im mesmerized and i cant think what would happen if you didnt show up now you walk around like you own the place and i am very worried bout what the people say . i no you dont love me but baby i can dream and now im so far apart

Every single great memory is fade-in and i am very scared we were mint to be i no we were

My grannys

Im feeling much better about everything, like school and me being ill. My great great uncle past away, (view "Bye His Design" for more infor) And well im doing good. I met him once, I am very very bored.And well Im off to visit people sites!


Okay i realized something. Im not popular on here AT ALL! No one reads my blogs! so i desided im goin to go to other peoples blogs and just check it out and follow and maybe i will get followers.
I dont really madder to me, I feel like i can just express my feelings on here. OMG!!! my father just came in with ELMO!!! my new rednose pit!!!!! ITS SOOO CUTE!! i will get pictures as soon as possible Oh andn if you read and folw i will be sure to read your blogs BYE!!


satisfaction, my word of the day!

and here it is in a sentence

“The 2 blonde bald brainless girls have no satisfaction.”

soo like the idea of a word of the day?? i will post more!!

Normal? right…

school was school but far from boring. More drama… Mr. Mitchell made us review a paper i made a 65 on. Ha anyways im still in beta even though im not very smart  ha) anyways life is just boring…plain and simple you say NOPE! You are very rong. Life rocks some times and then again we hate it but its not boring. Nope not at all. Ha im making fun of myself on my blog!


Tell your friends and read more ,comment and follow, hate it or love it, im not gonna quit, c ya or dont who care i wont! bye!!!

great night

Same day as last post, i think i got excited! Well, my mom (the writer of “by his design”) helped me make it so i can blog when the internets off! My moms the best computer nerd I know! Well, life's getting better i suppose, but i still cut myself shaving in 3 places. And i still am ill but i will live. i hope people view my blogs and i think im going to do at my mom said. I mean if you read her blogs thats great! You should! Shes awsome, but hard to get along with! like mother like daughter (haha) well thats all i got for tonight and tomorrow after school I will have alot to say i bet! DRAMA!!!


Skool Stinks!

On top of being bored for 8 hours a day, I have to go through 8 hours of pure drama! Everyone trys to make everyone else mad! Parents complain about work but thats nothing like school!
Hi, im Kaity Raine, not my real name but i like that name. Im in 6th grade. And thats all you need to know for now. Besides the fact my moms the writer of "By His Design". She got me intersested in blogger. Her name was "Me And You Plus Two", but she changed it.
My first period in school is Mrs Dickson, the worst P.E. teacher ever. Shes so terrible, if we are last to sit down in a line we run a lap around the footbal feild or gym. Everyone hates her! Next is around 2 hours of reading and starving! We read the story and we get in groups, its not very interesting. Then lunch witch is the best subject besides snack. After lunch is Mrs Blevins, our language teacher. We learn how to spell and pronounce things. After that theres Mr. Holt. The beta club sponser and leader (witch of course im in the beta club). And also math teacher of 6th grade. Then Mr. Bowman. Our science teacher. Uhh. Thats all i got to say. Then SNACK!!!!! YAYY! snacks awsome! Finally History. Mr. Mitchell ( my homeroom). Hes funny but well he gets agressive when people talk to loud. Skool just plain stinks!

If you like my blog, comment about it, and I will definitly post more! C ya!!