Wanna no?

Wanna no what i hate? When someone assumes something, then tells, and you get in trouble. Life is crazy, stupid, and suckish. Plus, you still gotta be nice! It really makes me mad, and another word momma dont like me to say. well i assume you dont care, so i will go now. kbye!

Doodle Pad

Song Quotes:

"somebody tell my head to try tell my heart that im better off without you,"

"i cried never gonna hold the hand of another guy 2 young but then they told her waitin for the love of a traveling soldier, our love will never end waitin for my soldier to come back again never born to be alone and the letter said a soldiers comming home,"

"you always said the day you'd leave me would be a cold day in july, here comes that cold day in july,"

"It aint nothin but a heart break town,"

Random Quotes:

"It will be as if i never existed,"

"If i had to choose between loving you and breathing i would use my last breath to say i love you,"

"Im so sick of trying, tired of crying, yeah im smiling, but on the inside im dying,"

"Sometimes you gotta push through the tears fake a smile, shut up, and walk away,"

"Im the one who wrote i love you in the boys bathroom- I'll do anything for you,"

New Game: kill moms computer

So, If you didnt know, my mothers the writer of "by his design" you can go to it at www.meandyouplus2.blongspot.com Well she installed something called stress relief, and you can use a hammer, chain saw, termites, lasor,gun, and more. Well i like to squish the termites with a large stamp. Lol. Well i will go, i guess bye bye.