New song wrote by me:

well i want to be a singer so heres a song called realize


You can just run around like you own the place. You dont really care what people say ya and i realize that your a jerk  i realize that  you dont wanna stay i no that your a big shot i am just a girl in a small world.. your just to big to bad for me no no baby, dont think, just think that i liked you that much you no what just dont think at all! not like you had a brain ya babe

Think a couple years ago … i was no bodies home.. then you stepped in my life and now im mesmerized and i cant think what would happen if you didnt show up now you walk around like you own the place and i am very worried bout what the people say . i no you dont love me but baby i can dream and now im so far apart

Every single great memory is fade-in and i am very scared we were mint to be i no we were

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